The College Prep Camp enables us to put on 7 field sessions. 

Just as we plan our weekly training rhythm with our college team, we also plan our camp schedule in great detail. 

Some of the principles that we use: 

  • Training sessions will always be with the idea that we are trying to make you a better player tactically and the drills we use will help you become a better soccer player.
  • Always with a soccer ball.
  • We never train the same physical sub-dynamic 2 times in a row. Alternate between the following sub-dynamics:
    • Soccer-specific endurance
    • Speed (of thought and execution)
    • Soccer-specific strength (accelerating, decelerating, jumping, etc.)
  • Defense is easier to teach and learn than offense, so offense is what we concentrate on coaching at camp! Of course, if one player is working on offense, opponent will be working on defense, even if that is not the emphasis of the drill.
  • All drills will be exercises that we use in the college setting, so players get used to the demands on their CONCENTRATION. This leads to as much MENTAL fatigue as PHYSICAL fatigue.
  • All drills should be completed with maximum intensity and concentration.